We call it Fit Vibe!

Our exclusive, proprietary Group Personal Training service is performed out of our satellite studio FitVibe. Through driving metabolic cost this unique system delivers unparalleled results in body fat reduction, increased lean muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness and energy levels!

There’s No Other Workout Like It On the Planet!

Achieve your ideal body with this revolutionary, science-based exercise system designed to elicit maximum calorie expenditure. You’ll actually have fun achieving your goals as you move dynamically using tubing, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, reebok core boards, bosu balls, foam rollers, and more on your way to fitness success!
  • It works for ALL fitness levels
  • Time-efficient fitness provider – just 40 minutes 2-3 days per week
  • Time-flexible fitness provider – Over 37 classes per week to choose from
  • Cost-effective – less than ½ the cost of 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • Benefit from the energy, synergy, and support of the other participants I
  • t’s the most FUN you’ll ever have working out…guaranteed!

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