I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Optimum Results. We are an exclusively 1-on-1 fitness studio that specializes in changing body composition through a customized meal plan strategy and private fitness training results system.

If you are like most health and fitness conscious individuals you are continuously bombarded with misinformation about what is required for fitness success. For example, there are over 30,000 diets listed with the FDA, which is a testimony in itself to the fact that no single diet is the answer to favorable body composition change. You're probably also told that you need to exercise 5 days per week to see significant changes. Such misinformation causes a lack of fitness progress, frustration, and confusion for those interested in becoming more fit. Its no wonder that approximately 61% of the people that join a health club drop out in the first 6 weeks (I.H.R.S.A. statistic 1998,1999), and long term diet success rates are less than 5%.

We take great pleasure in delivering and employing the truth about what is necessary to change body composition permanently based on how the human body really works. By systematically manipulating all of the factors required to achieve your goals, we instruct, educate, and motivate you to not only physical fitness success, but also a higher quality of life. The 6 factors to fitness success are grounded in the laws of human physiology so there is only 1 reason for an individual to not see change when engaged in the process we employ… non-compliance. If you follow the process you will achieve your goals. So if you're serious about fitness success, lets get started! I invite you to call for a FREE consultation to discuss your individual goals today.

-Jason Maass